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In the years 1978/1979, Monsegur Vaillant creates the part of Mirèio in the opera by Gounod in Provençal and the Songs of the County of Foix in the Gascon parlance singing to her own accompaniment.
Arièjo o Moun Païs
Mirèio - Scene & Aria de La Crau

Those two records are still available (33 T) : please contact us

"The voice sings with the inexorable timbre of Kirsten Flagstad, a mountain torrent bearing off our human passions, consoling us and rocking us..."
Marie Broussais, Music Critic
Revue Inter Nordique

After a talk with Germaine Lubin, (1st French Isolde at Bayreuth in 1939), and a trip to Bayreuth at Wahnfried, the artist plays and sings simultaneously Richard Wagner's Liebestod and records opera Arias : Juliette, Marguerite, Violetta,
La Contessa, Norma and Isolde

"The actress's excellent voice shocks us and her capacity of handling the pieces makes us know what is art"
Radio Beijing
The Popular Republic of China



"I published three times my translation of   Mirèio  in the Japanese language - more than
60 000 copies already sold in Japan..."
Fujio Suguy, Aubanel Prize
Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Okayama, Japan
Monsegur Vaillant sings to her own accompaniment at the piano
Soprano and concert pianist

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