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Die Post - Winterreise Op. 89 (Franz Schubert / Wilhelm M�ller)  (Winterreise Op. 89 - Franz Schubert)

Franz Schubert, musician from Vienna - 24 Lieder - Non stop recording - Grand Piano Yamaha - 06 May 1999 - Rachmaninoff S. Conservatoire, Paris (France)

Monsegur Vaillant sings to her own accompaniment...

Live recording in one take

ADG / FINNVOX 2000 - n�20001 - Made in Austria - Sony Digital Stereo - 74' 03


We hear that famous song afresh through Monsegur Vaillant with her depth and frankness of approach that catches the deeper undertones after the fierce emotional intensity of the post-haste beginning and that accompaniment in a state of perpetual motion, the very ardent throbbing of the heart in love.


Engraving by Adolphe Benjamin Constant, Private Collection

Die Post
The Post
La poste

Von der Stra�e her ein Posthorn klingt.
Was hat es, da� es so hoch aufspringt,
mein Herz ?
Die Post bringt keinen Brief f�r dich:
Was dr�ngst du denn so wunderlich,
mein Herz?
Nun ja, die Post kommt aus der Stadt,
Wo ich ein liebes Liebchen hatt,
mein Herz!
Willst wohl einmal hin�ber sehn
Und fragen, wie es dort mag gehn,
mein Herz!

From the road, a posthorn sounds,
What is it that makes you bound so fast,
my heart ?
The post-coach has no mail for you.
Why do you throb so strangely then,
my heart?
Well the post comes from the town
Where I had once a darling dear,
my heart!
Perhaps would you like to go back there
And ask how things are going there,
my heart!

Sur la route j�entends le cor du postillon,
Pourquoi bats-tu si fort,
mon coeur ?
La poste n�apporte pas de lettre pour toi.
Pourquoi donc cet �trange �moi,
mon coeur ?
H� bien oui, la poste vient de la ville
O� j�avais un tr�s cher amour,
mon coeur !
Peut-�tre voudrais-tu retourner l�-bas
Et demander comment y vont les choses,
mon coeur !







Monsegur Vaillant sings to her own accompaniment at the piano
Soprano and concert pianist

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