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Le Petit Train d'Auteuil de Claude d'Esplas Les Merlufleaux ou La Dictée d'Amboise de Claude d'Esplas Le Parcellaire de Claude d'Esplas Tristan & Iseut de Bayreuth à Monsegur de Claude d'Esplas La Leçon de Musique de Claude d'Esplas Biography / Biographie

Tristan & Isolt

The story of Tristan & Iseut – ‘a man, a woman’ – creatures of clay garbed in flesh by Beroul, Thomas, Gottfried and others. It was the glory of Richard Wagner to have united in an eternel embrace – with the help of the singer – the couplet and the song, the ivy and the vine, the draught and the cup.

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La Leçon de Musique - The Music Lesson by Claude d'Esplas

The Music Lesson, Rosine’s music lesson from Le Barbier de Séville (Rossini), opens like a prologue to theseoriginal essays of musicians attached to a special place next to their heart and spirit, such as Vienna, Zwickau, Pamiers, Ivanovka.

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Monsegur Vaillant, Hommage à Yves Nat

Monsegur Vaillant sings to her own accompaniment at the piano
Soprano and concert pianist

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